The New Horizons Band Dallas (NHBD) is a volunteer, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) association. NHBD provides the opportunity for people ages 50+ who play, used to play, or want to learn to play a wind or percussion instrument.  The NHBD association currently has four bands and two ensembles. The primary or main group is the New Horizons Concert Band, with over 65 active members and growing. The other three bands are the UpSwing Jazz Orchestra, the DixieSwing Dixieland Band, and JazzLand. The association's ensembles are the Dallas Low Brass and the Garage HORNets. All six groups play for a variety of events in the Greater Dallas area. More information about each group is provided below.

concert band

The Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Lorenzo Parker, plays traditional band music, e.g., marches, patriotic tunes, collections from Broadway musicals, love songs, popular music and contemporary children's songs for children's groups.PERCUSSIONISTS, WE WANT YOU!!! We are very low on percussionists - come join the camaraderie and fun of the New Horizons Concert Band.


The 20-member UpSwing Jazz Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Bill Geyer,  performs for senior centers, retirement facilities, schools, and events such as meetings and receptions. The group plays Big Band swing, jazz and Latin music of the 30s and 40s, plus a little rock from the 50s and 60s.


Formed in 2011, the 8-member DixieSwing Band has steadily evolved from a collection of individual musicians into a solid ensemble dedicated to preserving the traditional New Orleans sound. With a repertoire covering a wide range of musical influences—spirituals to early 1900s blues and age-old hymns to WW II favorites—its performances evoke the rich musical sound of the French Quarter. The band has gained a loyal following through its hand-clapping, foot-tapping tunes and dedication to preserving America’s music. Click HERE to see names of DixieSwing members.


Dallas Low Brass is composed of 5-9 tubas, baritones, and euphoniums. Originally these musicians were simply members of the New Horizons Concert Band of Dallas, but as time passed, they became aware of the unique sound they create within the NHBD brass section. They decided their particular instruments create a certain tonal quality not often heard as a group.

Dallas Low Brass loves to play for groups who can fully appreciate the unique music they create. Their programs range from 30 minutes to an hour with performances concentrating on Church, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Irish programs. The group has put together Patriotic and American Regional programs and is open to creating music programs as requested.


Our newest group of 7-8 musicians plays light improvisational jazz music, of many great standard charts. Click HERE for additional information about the JazzLand group.


The 4-member French horn group, the Garage HORNets, was formed in 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic. Tired of staying at home and wanting to play their music, these musicians began rehearsing in an open garage with plenty of space and air circulation to be safe and to follow state mandates. Their name recognizes horn players practicing in a garage and, as hornets like to swarm garages, thus Garage HORNets. Click HERE to see more information about the Garage HORNets.

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