Gary Boren (G Bo)
Trumpet, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist
Dallas, Texas

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• Dallas school choirs, played guitar/sang in h.s./college musicals.
• Worked as asst. engr. at world class studio in Hollywood w/Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Streisand, Dan Fogelberg, Quincy Jones, David Foster, Capt & Tenille, the wrecking crew, etc.
• College at USC & Pepperdine (1980 B.A. Music Composition / guitar/voice).
• Owned studio and produced broadcast music in Longview,TX 1984-91.
• In Thousand Oaks, CA 1991-2005 full time composer for WBTV.
• Now in Dallas, I teach music privately ( piano/guitar/voice).
• In the last three years, I have done music for Discovery Channel and two feature movies.
• My first full length movie gig, Jerico (2018) is available at major sites online.
• My 2nd film score, Singleton Boulevard, is available: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/singletonboulevard


• *Grace Brass (w/Bob Ball)
• * I play local gigs, usually as a guitar/vocal solo act with beatbox and side trumpet
• Played lead guitar for GogaMusic ( show band private events) 2009-2016
• Played lead guitar for DFW dance band, HyPressure 2008-2013
• Play with various “casual” bands at clubs & private events.

• Please visit www.GBOmusic.com or www.garyborenmusic.com


• Hearing my music on radio, TV, and the big movie screen.
• Composing over 300 TV music scores for primetime network TV
• Two network TV theme songs : 1994 Hangin w/ Mr. Cooper and Kirk ( WB)
• 2017, Getting a call and music publishing offer from the NBA team, Golden State Warriors • Getting a call from Discovery Channel for special music ( 2015-current)
• 2019 in production to release full length album of songs.


• Dallas roots.
• My sister and Gene Verinder were in elementary school together.
• My father was a geologist, oil man & a creationist.
• My mom died of cancer before my senior year at St. Mark’s.
• I have 3 adult children and I am happily divorced/single.


• Trumpet!!
• Origins of religion
• Cosmology
• Evolution
• Consciousness
• Politics
• Health
• youtube Ted Talks


• *When I was 12, I tried to ski from the water on to the dry land.
• *Same year, When I was 12, I played 4-5 songs with my 4 piece rock group in the Cotton Bowl for actor & secret pill popper, John Wayne, just before he spoke at the ANTI DRUG Rally.
• * Neil Diamond offered me gum after a tough studio session where my job was to quality control HIS vocal session.